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A unique and original concept between  sensual massage and a tantric massage session. An organic and delicated touch that will transport you to another type of experience. A  moment of relaxation where you can experience a conscious sexuality and a communion with your body and nakedness. A practice of self knowledge, of discovery of your body and your own privacy. 

The tantric sessions offered  are strictly oriented to help, reinvent your sexual values, bring you satisfaction and also relaxation. All good techniques are always linked to a vision and philosophy, by consequence the empirical practice of this massage is always offered together  with a discourse and a an approach of  life . 


Before to do any type of contact or booking, please read carefully the ethic, concept and rules. This will help you to decide well and make sure if this is what you are looking .




-   This is an outcall service, which means that the masseuse will go to your place

-    This is a massage service​

-    This is an independent holistic therapist

- The therapist works with sexual energies

- The therapist works with respectful people​

- The therapist works just in Paris

- The therapist approach topics suchs as sensuality and eroticism



- This is not an escorting service​

- This is not a massage parlor​

- This is not a team of girls​

- The therapist does not offer any type of services related to fetish or paraphilias.​

- The therapist doesn't hire people, so please don't write emails asking for a job as a masseuse​

- The therapist doesn't sell sex


To make your tantric massage session more pleaseant and more confortable keep in mind the point bellow the day of your appointment:

- The massage needs to be paid at arrival 

- You need to take a quick shower before the session

- The temperature of the room needs to be proper for the moment 

- All the sessions are private and individuals wich means that no other people will be alowed to be part of the seesion. Just couples with previous boking are allowed. 

- Drugs, pornography, or any type of fetiche game are not part of this session. This service focus on beauty, it doesn't work with other type of orientations and neither with escort services. 

- If you have any type of doubts please feel free to ask with decency, sensuality and sexuality it self is a big tabu in society and can result problematic to talk, even though this place is the right one to speak abou it, just keep in mind to be respectful, precise and pragmatic at the time of asking. 

- Try to keep your phone in silence during the session.

- And the most important, try to be open to enjoy the most beautiful and sensual massage in Paris. 

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