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If you are looking for a special and particular moment in which you can work holistically many aspects of your self, you are in the right place. The Alchemy of love is a service specialized on tantric massage but also on what implies intelectually understand the subject. An approach that starts from your mind and expand meaningfully to your body. 

The Alchemy of Love works with an organic and humble touch that wil help you to improve your own privacy. A beautiful and original exercise of affection and love. 

The best outcall massage sessions in paris that provides services to: woman , man and couples.

Don't hesitate to contact the therapist for more information. You can also can check about her by clicking here 

You will find here the following services : Outcall Massage Paris, Tantric Massage Paris , Erotic Massage Paris and Sensual Massage Paris. Erotic Massage Pais

Meet Amelia

Outcall Tantra Massage Paris 

Why Naturopathy

Why to try a Tantric Massage?

It can help with

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Beside the beauty image and speach of what tantra means, this is a massage that will provide you a feeling of relaxation, both physically and mentally.


A ritual that will invite you to break with everyday life. A moment of serenity, out of worries and life itself. A moment of tranquility and reunion with yourself.

Self Confidence

An opportunity to strengthen your self-esteem, love and understand your body from another perspective. Understand your structure holistically (body and soul).

Healthy Mind and Body

An honest physical, mental and emotional sensation necessary for self-care. An invitation to receive a significant and shocking touch. A symbolic and pragmatic way to gain a sensible and useful pleasure.


Genuine moment of consciousness between your body, and mind. An awareness without guilt and the expansion towards the purest respect for the energy of life. 

Stress Reduction

A wonderful benefit that is unmissable in every session. Increasing mental and physical comfort while unconsciously reducing stress.


"I was looking for a service like this. It was hard to find but finally I did. I defenitely recomend it. Amazing service, wonderful woman and abslutely worthy".


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